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Simply Oysters UK Map
Choose from the
LARGEST selection of
fresh oysters in the UK!

UK oysters include:
8 types of Pacific (Rock)
1 type of Kumamoto
3 types of Native

For freshness and quality:
All oysters packed to order
and dispatched
by UK oyster farms;

with next day delivery to
in mainland UK
by reliable couriers.

Simply the freshest and
best oysters possible.

Oyster Recipe

Oyster and Seafood Pie Recipe

Oyster and Seafood Pie

A rich and hearty meal that 
combines oysters, prawns, 
lobster, salmon, haddock 
with champagne and 
double cream!

Perfect any time of year!

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Simply Oysters

Simply Oysters - the LARGEST selection of fresh oysters in the UK
Order and buy fresh Pacific (Rock), Kumamoto and Native Oysters from pristine waters in England, Scotland, Wales, and Jersey.

Established in 2013 and a world first, our Simply Oysters Map has the widest selection of fresh oysters in the UK! For freshness and quality: these oysters are taken from the water, packed fresh to order, and dispatched by trusted and experienced oyster farms (EU licenced) in the UK; and then delivered the next day by reliable couriers to most addresses in mainland UK; Europe and the United States.

Take an oys-tour of our Simply Oysters Map of the UK and try the freshest and tastiest oysters possible!
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Ready, steady, shuck!
We've tried and tested lots of different oyster utensils to shuck (open) oysters. For us, the best way to shuck oysters precisely and safely is with a Wusthof Oyster Knife, and a Honeywell Chainmail Oyster Glove. Then, serve raw or cooked oysters on our simplyshuck Oyster Trays.
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