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Choose from the largest
selection of Pacific and
Native Oysters in the UK.

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas

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Choose from the LARGEST Selection of Fresh Oysters in the UK...
Order and buy fresh Pacific and/or Native Oysters with our Simply Oysters Map

Established in 2013, and a world first, our Simply Oysters Map offers the largest selection of fresh Pacific (Rock) and Native (Flat or European) Oysters in the UK.  All oysters shown on our Map are responsibly and sustainably harvested by EU licenced oyster farms in the UK.  For freshness and quality, all oysters are packed fresh to order and dispatched the same day by the oyster farms, with next day courier delivery to addresses within mainland UK.

Pacific Oysters are available for sale all year.  Native Oysters are only available for sale from September to March/April each year, so be quick!

Ready, steady, shuck!
We've tried and tested lots of different oyster utensils to shuck (open) oysters.  For us, the best way to shuck oysters precisely and safely is with the Wusthof Oyster Knife (
4281 or 4282) and the Honeywell Chainmail Glove (Chainex or Chainextra).  Use the all-in-one simplyshuck Oyster Tray (Models 3 6 12) to store, prepare, cook, and serve oysters.  Add a couple of oyster extras too.

Wusthof Oyster Knife Model 4281Wusthof Oyster Knife Model 4282Honeywell Chainmail Glovesimplyshuck Oyster TraysHenshelwood's Bloody Mary Salsa for OystersMcIlhenny Tabasco Red and Green Pepper SauceMcIlhenny Tabasco Green Pepper SauceLemon and Lime Squeezer

Oyster recipes, bars, festivals, caterers
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The world is your oyster.  Dive in!

Carol & Jeremy
Founders and Owners
Simply Oysters

Simply Oysters is a family owned and operated business in Britain.