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For us, our oyster journey started in Australia...

1. Piper takes a closer look at daffodils.
2. Connor's favourite sport.
3. Our border collie, Monty (20.09.2001 - 09.09.2016).
4. Our kids, Piper and Connor, with homemade Blackberry Pie.

Our Oyster Journey Started in Australia
Our oyster journey started in 1999, when we travelled around Australia in a 4WD…

We arrived in the small seaside town ominously named Coffin Bay (about 700km south of Adelaide, South Australia), famous for its “Coffin Bay Oysters”. We’d never tried oysters before, so we said “Well, we’re here, so let’s try them!”

We visited the “Oyster Shed”, situated between the shore and the calm, clear waters of Coffin Bay. Inside the rustic wooden shed, we had a friendly chat with the oyster farmer, and boldly asked him for a dozen of his finest oysters!

The oyster farmer smiled, and he walked out the back door of the shed and onto a wooden deck area, above the water. Next, he stepped into a small boat, and rowed out to one of the oyster beds about 20-25 metres away from the shed. Then, he carefully collected a dozen oysters, and rowed back. After that, he placed the oysters on top of the wooden counter, and expertly shucked them.

A few minutes later, we walked out of the shed with a tray of freshly shucked au naturel oysters in their half shells. We sat on a wooden bench with a wonderful view of the bay. After a bit of banter about who would be the first to try an oyster, we tried an oyster each.

We were instantly amazed by the fresh, natural, succulent, and delicious taste! It was time to reach for another, and another, and another...

From that moment on we were hooked, and we’ve been passionate about oysters ever since!

A World First
Often disappointed by the very limited - if any - oysters available at our local supermarkets, we were inspired to create our own oyster website, so that more people could access fresh UK oysters.

In 2013, we launched our website at www.simplyoysters.com. An online supermarket for oysters that features our UK Oyster Map and the widest selection of fresh oysters in the UK!

Simply Oysters is the Number 1 seller of oysters online in the UK. We work closely with our oyster farms and fisheries, so you receive the freshest and finest oysters possible.

We offer the widest selection of fresh oysters with 19 types of UK Oysters: 13 types of Pacific Oyster, 5 types of Native Oyster, and 1 type of Kumamoto Oyster. These nutritious and delcious oysters are responsibly and sustainably harvested from pristine waters in England, Scotland, Wales and the Channel Islands. For freshness, these oysters are packed fresh to order and dispatched by trusted and reliable oyster farms and fisheries in the UK, for next day delivery by couriers to our trade, business, and consumer clients in the UK and Europe.

Oyster Knives, Gloves & Trays
Simply Oysters is the Number 1 seller of Wusthof Oyster Knives and Honeywell Chainmail Oyster Gloves in the UK. We make and exclusively sell simplyshuck Oyster Trays. We dispatch these specialist oyster utensils to our trade, business and consumer clients in the UK, Europe and worldwide.

Oysters - Always a Hit!
We like to show our friends how easy it is to shuck fresh oysters. Freshly shucked raw or cooked oysters, served immediately and ready to eat - always a hit!

Simply Oysters is for anyone who’d like to:
- Choose from the widest selection of fresh oysters in the UK!
- Shuck oysters precisely and safely with specialist oyster utensils.
- Store, prepare, cook, and serve wobble-free oysters on simplyshuck Oyster Trays.
- Add condiments to compliment the flavours of oysters.
- Try oyster recipes for cold or cooked oysters. Simply delicious!
- Enquire about oyster caterers for events, functions, and special occasions in the UK.
- Dine at the best oyster bars in the UK.
- Visit vibrant and fun oyster festivals in the UK and the USA.
- Find out why the oyster is considered one of the top superfoods by nutritional experts.
- Discover more about the history of oysters and lots more...

The world is your oyster. Dive in!

Jeremy & Carol
Founders & Owners