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Whitstable Pacific Oysters  Native Oysters from Fal River Falmouth Cornwall 

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L: Whitstable Pacific (Rock) Oysters, Whitstable Bay.
R: Cornish Native (European or Flat) Oysters, Fal River.

Oyster Map UK: 19 types of UK Oysters
Order and buy from the widest selection of fresh oysters in the UK. We offer 19 types of UK Oysters: 13 types of Pacific (Rock) Oyster, 5 types of Native (European or Flat) Oyster, and 1 type of Kumamoto Oyster. These oysters are sustainably harvested by licensed oyster farms and fisheries in England, Scotland, Wales, and Jersey Channel Islands.

For freshness, quality and safety: Oysters are cleaned, sorted by size, and then purified in natural seawater at licensed depuration facilities in accordance with UK and EU food, health and safety laws. After that, these oysters are packed fresh to order and dispatched the same day, for next day courier delivery to our clients in mainland UK.



Our Oyster Farms
We're very happy and proud to work with oyster farms and fisheries on our Oyster Map UK.

Let us explain why...

These oyster farms responsibly and sustainably harvest oysters from pristine waters in the UK. Then, the oysters are cleaned, sorted and purifed (depurated) for a minimum of 42 hours in natural sea water in temperature controlled tanks within licensed purification facilities at the oyster farms. After that, the oysters are carefully packed fresh to order Monday to Thursday and dispatched the same day by the oyster farms, for next day delivery by reliable couriers to addresses in mainland UK.

These oyster farms comply with food health and safety laws set out by local, UK, and EU authorities to ensure that their oysters are safe to consume. For example, SALSA (Safe and Local Supplier Approval), FSA (Food Standards Agency), LEA (Local Enviromental Authority), CEFAS (Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science).

For sustainability, many of these oyster farms carry out proactive oyster repopulation practices, to help increase the number of oysters in their waters each year. For example, as a result of careful repopulation practices, Native Oysters in Loch Ryan have increased from 1 million in 1996, to over 60 million in 2016. Oysters reefs or beds play a very important part in the improvement of the quality and clarity of their local waters. Oyster reefs are ecosystems, and provide habitats for marine life such as fish, shrimp, crabs, and more.

Economically, these oyster farms provide vital employment and investment in remote coastal communities.

When you buy oysters from our Oyster Map of the UK, you help to support these oyster farms to produce a natural food source for consumers that's sustainable, nutritious and delicious!