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Oysters Caterers UK

Fresh and expertly shucked oysters
served raw (au naturel) or cooked (in a varierty of ways)
at events, functions, and special occasions in the UK

We work with professional and reliable oyster caterers
We want everyone to experience the "wow!" factor of fresh, and expertly shucked and presented raw and/or cooked oysters at events, functions, and special occasions in the UK.

At Simply Oysters, we're fortunate that we work with a number of professional, experienced, and reliable oyster caterers in the UK. These trusted and friendly oyster caterers can work independently or with other caterers at the same venue, to provide a wonderful oyster service and experience.

Oyster caterers include individual and/or teams of oyster shuckers, stand alone oyster bars, marquees, trailers, even a red double-decker bus newly fitted out as a hip oyster and cocktail bar!

Free service 
At Simply Oysters, we take the time to understand your event requirements and expectations, and the venue. Based on this information, we can refer you to the most suitable oyster caterer/s for your event, function, or special occasion.

For enquiries and referrals to professional and reliable oyster cateters in the UK, please email Jeremy at Simply Oysters
. Email: jeremy@simplyoysters.com 

Please be sure to include the details below in your email:
- Contact name, email, and phone.
- Business or company name.
- Type of function and/or a brief description.
- Name of venue and/or address/postcode.
- Number of attendees.
- Date of event or function.

Once we receive your email, we'll usually respond the same or next business day.