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UK Native Oysters cooked on embers

Oyster History: A step back in time
In the Mesolithic period, evidence shows that
ysters were cooked until the shells popped open.

Oyster Information
Discover all you need to know about UK Oysters:
- In the UK, we have three types of oyster varieties: Pacific (Rock), Kumamoto, and Native.
- How to store, open, and eat oysters.
- Why oysters are considered one of the superfoods by top nutritionists. 
- Oyster history: From Roman times to the 21st centrury.
- Best oyster bars (and mobile oyster bars) in the UK.
- Oyster festivals in the UK and USA.
- Oyster caterers in the UK.
- FAQ.

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All oysters shown are responsibly and sustainably harvested from their pristine coastal waters by EU licensed oyster farms in the UK.
UK Pacific Oysters  Oyster Shells  UK Native Oysters
Photos (L to R):  Jersey Pacifc Oysters; Oyster shells on a beach; Loch Ryan Native Oysters