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Wusthof Oyster Knives

Photo (Top): Wusthof Oyster Knife 4284

Photo (Left): Wusthof Oyster Knife 4281

Photo (Right): Wusthof Oyster Knife 4282


Wusthof Oysters Knives 4281, 4282 & 4284
We've tried lots of different oyster knives on almost all varieties, shapes and sizes of oysters. For us, Wusthof Oyster Knives 4281, 4282 and 4284 stand out as a cut above all other oyster knives for precision, strength, quality, durability and comfort. Built to last, these oyster knives shuck oysters precisely and effortlessly. Made by Wusthof in Germany.

Used by celebrity chefs Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay; the Wusthof Oyster Knife 4281, 4282 or 4284 will be a valuable addition to your kitchen knife set.

Wusthof Oyster Knife 4281 - the Rolls-Royce of oyster knives. Classic in style and built to last.

Wusthof Oyster Knife 4282 - popular with oyster shuckers, chefs and for the home.

Wusthof Oyster Knife 4284 - simply the best oyster knife available in the market today!

Simply Oysters is an authorised Wusthof retailer in the UK.

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