Oysters with Pomegranate Mignonette

Oysters with Pomegranate Mignonette




Oysters with Pomegranate Mignonette

Recipe by Simply Oysters

Pretty-in-pink oyster aphrodisiac!  Perfect for Valentine's Day or other romantic occasions.

Prep time 5 mins

12 freshly shucked oysters, served in their half shells
3 tablespoons champagne vinegar
1 tablespoon pomegranate juice
½ small shallot, very finely chopped
1 teaspoon cracked black peppercorns
A pinch of sugar

Whisk together all the ingredients in a small bowl.
Cover and let sit for a few hours on the countertop to allow the flavours to develop.
(You can serve it right away if you are in a hurry!)
Shuck 12 fresh oysters, and place them on the simplyshuck Oyster Tray.
Top each oyster with a spoonful of sauce to taste.
Serve on the same tray.

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