How To Store Oysters




Always store oysters in the fridge

Follow our top tips on how to store oysters in the fridge correctly

Freshness and quality
For freshness and quality, oysters shown at are taken from the water, packed fresh to order and dispatched the same day by oyster farms and fisheries, for next day courier delivery to addresses in the UK. This means you receive the freshest and finest oysters possible!

How to store oysters

Upon receipt of your box of oysters, simply follow our method below for the best way to store oysters and maintain freshness. Under this method, you can store oysters in the fridge for up to five days; and this is the same method used by top oyster bars, restaurants, hotels store oysters.

Upon receipt of your box of oysters, open the box of oysters, and check that the oysters are closed and the shells are unbroken (refer to "Oyster Tap Test" above).
Next, place your fresh closed oysters, bottom (deep-cupped) shells down on the simplyshuck Oyster Tray or a another flat tray.
Then, cover the oysters with a damp, but not wet, tea-towel or cloth. Make sure the tea-towel or cloth remains damp the entire time you store the oysters in the fridge.
After that, place the tray in the coldest area of the fridge, on the shelf closest to the freezer. The fridge temperature should be no lower than 4°C (ideally between 4°C and 8°C).
We don’t recommend any other way to store oysters. For example, do not store oysters in the freezer, on a bed of ice, immersed in water, or in sealed or closed or air tight containers.

The information above also applies to mussels and clams. We do sell mussels and clams as part of orders for oysters with certain oyster farms and fisheries shown on our Oyster Map UK

Consumption of oysters
Consume oysters within five days from delivery.

Consume mussels and clams within three days of delivery. Cook mussels and clams prior to consumption. Once cooked, discard any mussels and clams that have not opened.

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Buy oysters
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All oysters shown are responsibly and sustainably harvested from their pristine coastal waters by EU licensed oyster farms in the UK.
Fresh oysters should be closed and unbroken
Oysters may open while in transit or stored in the fridge. If any oyster has opened, simply carry out the oyster tap test.
Oyster tap test
You will receive the freshest and finest oysters possible, direct from UK oyster farms and fisheries.

Usually oyster shells are closed, however, oysters can open their shells while in transit or stored.

For any oyster that has opened it's shells, simply 
tap it firmly on the bench, and it should close. If the oyster shells close when tapped, that's means it's live and fine to eat.

Discard any oyster that doesn’t close it's shells when tapped, or that has a broken or cracked shell.