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Oysters packed fresh to order and dispatched by oyster farms and fisheries, for next day delivery by courier to most addresses in mainland UK and Europe.

Oyster utensils (Wusthof Oyster Knives, Honeywell Chainmail Oyster Gloves, simplyshuck Oyster Trays etc) with delivery to addresses in the UK and most of the world.

Corporate functions and events, special occasions, and caterers.

For business, trade and press enquires, please contact:

   Jeremy Stevens
   Business & Trade
   Simply Oysters

   Mobile: 07806 773 526


Our Suppliers
All foods, products, and suppliers shown on our website at have been carefully selected by us, based upon our criteria.

We work with all of the oyster farms and fisheries shown on our Simply Oysters - Oyster Map UK. These oyster farms and fisheries responsibly and sustainably harvest oysters from pristine waters in the UK; prepare, process, and pack oysters fresh to order; and, comply with UK and EU food, health and safety laws.

The oyster utensils - Wusthof Oyster Knives, Honeywell Chainmail Gloves, simplyshuck Oyster Trays - have been carefully selected by us. These oyster utensils help shuck oysters precisely and safely; and can be served wobble-free on trays.

The sauces (McIlhenny Tabsco Red and Green Pepper Sauce) and salsa (Henshelwood's Bloody Mary Salsa for Oysters) have been carefully selected by us. These sauces and salsa compliment the flavour of oysters.

We work with and recommend specialist oyster caterers for events, functions, and special occasions at venues in the UK. These caterers are professional, experienced, and reliable. These caterers can work independantly or with other caterers at the same venue.

The oyster bars have been selected by us based upon several factors. For example, varieties of oysters available, professional oyster shuckers, dedicated oyster bar area with seats for diners at the bar and elsewhere, and drinks - should include beers, wines, and cocktails. These oyster bars are open at least five days a week.

The oyster festivals and events celebrate the oyster. These oyster festivals and events also offer other local foods, drinks, and entertainment.

If you'd like your oyster business to be part of the oyster revival in the UK, then please email Jeremy at Simply Oysters, Email: