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UK's widest selection of oysters

We offer the UK's widest selection of fresh oysters - 27 different types - from pristine waters in the UK and Channel Islands. 

Pacific (Rock) and Kumamoto Oysters are available all year.

Native Oysters are seasonal, and available from September to April each year.

Oysters are packed live to order by our oyster farms and fisheries, for next day delivery to our clients' addresses in mainland UK.

Fresh oysters: natural, succulent, and full of flavour!

All Pacific, Kumamoto & Native Oysters

Smoked fish and shellfish include: salmon, eel, mackerel, trout, kipper, haddock, and prawns.

Fish and shellfish are fished from waters in the UK; then, prepared, seasoned and expertly smoked over oak and beech wood for over 24 hours by master smokers.

Smoked fish and shellfish are packed fresh to order by our smokery, for next day delivery to our clients' addresses in mainland UK.

Smoked fish and shellfish: tender, and delicately smokey in flavour.

All Smoked Fish & Shellfish

Seafood selection boxes include a selection of oysters, shellfish and/or smoked fish.

Selection boxes are packed live and fresh to order by our shellfish farms and fisheries and smokery, for next day delivery to our clients' addresses in mainland UK.

All Seafood Selection Boxes

Wusthof Oyster Knives and Honeywell Chainmail Gloves: shuck oysters precisely and safely.

Simply Oysters' Oyster Trays: prepare, cook and serve wobble-free oysters!

These specialist oyster utensils are trusted and used by professional oyster shuckers, chefs and home cooks in the UK and worldwide.

All Knives, Gloves, Trays & Condiments

For someone special who likes oysters...

Simply Oysters' Gift Vouchers, Oyster Gift Vouchers, and Oyster Subscription Boxes.

All Vouchers & Subscriptions

UK's widest selection of oysters
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