Knives, Gloves & Trays

We offer specialist oyster knives, chainmail gloves, and other utensils for professional oyster shuckers and chefs, and home cooks.

All knives and utensils are dispatched the same/next day to addresses in the UK and worldwide.

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Wusthof Oyster Knife Model 4284

Wusthof Oyster Knife 4284Contemporary in style, the Wusthof Oyster Knife 4284 shucks oysters pr..

£35.95 Ex Tax: £35.95

Wusthof Oyster Knife Model 4281

Wusthof Oyster Knife 4281Classic in style, the Wusthof Oyster Knife 4281 shucks oysters precisely an..

£34.95 Ex Tax: £34.95

Wusthof Oyster Knife Model 4282

Wusthof Oyster Knife 4282The Wusthof Oyster Knife 4282 is based on the traditional French style oyst..

£32.95 Ex Tax: £32.95

Wusthof Oyster Knives

Wusthof Oyster KnivesWe've tried lots of oyster knives over the years. For us, Wusthof Oyster Knives..

£32.95 Ex Tax: £32.95

Honeywell Chainex 2000 Chainmail Glove (XXS-XXL)

Honeywell Chainex 2000 Chainmail GloveLightweight and comfortable to wear, the Honeywell Chainex 200..

£79.00 Ex Tax: £79.00

Honeywell Chainexpert Chainmail Glove (XXS-XXL)

Honeywell Chainexpert Chainmail GloveFor professional oyster shuckers and chefs (and other professio..

£99.00 Ex Tax: £99.00

simplyshuck Oyster Trays SOLD OUT

simplyshuck Oyster Trays

simplyshuck Oyster TrayThe BIGGEST frustration with oysters, is that once the oysters have been shuc..

£9.95 Ex Tax: £9.95

Oyster Knife & Glove Set

Oyster Knife & Glove SetA popular choice for professional oyster shuckers, chefs, and home cooks..

£113.95 Ex Tax: £113.95

Gold, Silver & Natural Oyster Shells

Gold, Silver & Natural Oyster ShellsOur daughter Piper recently came up with a creative idea on ..

£0.45 Ex Tax: £0.45

Henshelwood's Bloody Mary Salsa for Oysters SOLD OUT

Henshelwood's Bloody Mary Salsa for Oysters

Henshelwood's Bloody Mary Salsa for OystersThe finest salsa we've ever tried on raw or cooked oyster..

£2.90 Ex Tax: £2.90

Tabasco Red/Green Pepper Sauce

Tabasco Red Pepper SauceJust a few drops of hot McIlhenny Tabasco Red Pepper Sauce adds 'spice' and ..

£2.95 Ex Tax: £2.95