We deliver to addresses in mainland UK Tuesday to Friday. Our next available delivery date is from Tuesday 14 July.

Seafood & Delivery Information

The information below is correct as of Friday 10 July to date:

Our delivery days are Tuesday to Friday inclusive. Our next available delivery date is from Tuesday 14 July onwards.

Oysters & Other Seafood Available:

Orford Pacific Oysters and/or Smoked Fish

Maldon Pacific, Maldon Wild PacificMaldon Kumamoto Oysters and/or Smoked Fish

Poole Pacific Oysters and/or Poole Palourde Clams and/or Cockles

Fal Wild Pacific Oysters and/or Live Cornish Lobsters and/or Live Cornish Brown Crabs and/or Fal Wild Mussels

Whitstable Pacific Oysters 

Porthilly Pacific Oysters and/or Porthilly Mussels 

Menai Pacific Oysters 

Polock Bay Pacific Oysters

To receive a variety of seafood under one courier fee: Click on one of the links above, then scroll to the bottom of the same page to see more seafood available under the same courier fee.

All our shellfish farms , fisheries and smokery operate in accordance with UK Government guidelines for social distancing and hygiene, and UK and EU food, health and safety laws.

Our couriers can deliver to homes in mainland UK (but not to homes in the Scottish Highlands).

Orders for live lobsters and crabs are booked under a By 12 Noon courier service on the scheduled day of delivery. Our couriers advise that delivery should be made by 12 noon (on rare occasions by 4pm) on the scheduled delivery day.

Orders for all other seafood are booked under a By 4pm courier service on the scheduled day of delivery. Our couriers advise that delivery should be made by 4pm (on rare occasions by 6pm) on the scheduled delivery day. On very rare occasions delivery made be the next day.

We recommend you select your delivery date one day in advance for all orders of oysters, mussels, clams, cockles and smoked fish. For example, if you would like your parcel delivered on Friday; then please select Thursday as your scheduled delivery date. You can do this at Checkout, under Delivery Date. Your parcel should be delivered to your home on Thursday, and if not, then on Friday.

Whether delivery takes one or two days, please be assured that your order of seafood will remain fresh and fine to consume. Upon receipt of delivery, simply store oysters and other seafood in the fridge. For example, from delivery: oysters remain fresh for at least 5-6 days, clams, cockles and mussels remain fresh for at least 1-2 days, smoked fish remain fresh for at least 10-12 days, and smoked prawns remain fresh at least 2-3 days. For information on how to store seafood, please click on these links: How to Store Oysters & Other Shellfish and How to Store Smoked Fish

Our couriers have adopted the 'No Contact Delivery Practice'. This means the courier will knock on your door or ring your bell, leave the parcel at your front door, and then stand a safe distance back to ask the name of the recipient which the courier will enter into his/her hand held device. If there is no answer, the courier should leave the parcel in the safe place you nominated (at Checkout, under Notes & Delivery Instructions) or elsewhere at your property, and put a note through your door.

When your order has been sent by our shellfish farms, fisheries and/or smokery, we will provide you with the courier consignment number for your parcel, so you can obtain an estimated time of delivery and/or updates from the courier's website if needed.

Thanks for your support.

Jeremy & Carol
Founders & Owners
Simply Oysters