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Gift Voucher for Oysters

Gift Voucher for Oysters

Gift Voucher for Oysters
Spoil someone you know who likes oysters with a Gift Voucher for Oysters: A box of fresh oysters couriered to their address in mainland UK on a day that suits them.

If you would like a Gift Voucher for Oysters with alternative options to those shown above, please email your request to

How to order
Choose the name of the oyster from the selection above, and add your recipient's details in the boxes.

If you're not sure which type of oyster your recipient would prefer, then please choose 'Selection of Oysters'. That way, we'll offer a limited selection of oysters to your recipient at the time they redeem their voucher.

When we receive your order, we'll email the Gift Voucher for Oysters to you. If the voucher is a present for someone else, then once you receive the voucher you can email it, or print and hand it to your recipient. It's that easy!

The Gift Voucher for Oysters includes the recipient's name, your message, oyster details, voucher code, and expiry date. The voucher can be used once only and is valid for 12 months. The voucher cannot be transferred or redeemed for cash.

How to redeem voucher
When ready, the recipient emails us with their voucher code. We then contact the recipient to confirm and process their order of oysters, delivery address, and delivery date - so that the box of fresh oysters arrive on the day that suits them. Note: If you have selected 'Variety of Oysters', we will offer your recipient a selection of oysters to choose from before we process their order.

Freshest oysters possible
Once harvested, these oysters are cleaned and purified in natural seawater, packed live to order in boxes, and dispatched by the oyster farm's depuration and dispatch centre (Monday to Thursday), for next day courier delivery to our clients' addresses in mainland UK (Tuesday to Friday).

Our clients receive the freshest and finest oysters possible, on the date that suits them.

Store and consume
For the freshest and best flavour, store Pacific Oysters in the fridge and consume within 4-5 days from delivery. Oysters can be consumed raw or cooked.

How to Store & Best Before Guide for Oysters/Shellfish

Ingredients: Oysters (molluscs).

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