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Live Lobster (S, M, L, XL)

Live Lobster (S, M, L, XL)

Live Lobster (S, M, L, XL)
Chefs know that the freshest and tastiest lobster is the lobster that is live, then cooked and consumed the same day.

Live Cornish Native Lobsters are responsibly and sustainably pot-caught by lobster fishermen (who work from small day boats) from the rocky seabed in inshore waters around Cornwall (within Cornwall's six mile limit), England. These lobsters are packed live to order, and couriered to our clients' addresses in mainland UK by 12 noon next day. Once cooked, the lobster meat is fresh, succulent, sweet and subtle in flavour.

We do not supply pre-cooked or frozen lobsters, or imported lobsters from outside of the UK.

No Guarantee: Lobsters are landed in different sizes (weights). In the event that the lobsters landed are different to the size ordered by you, we will pack them as near as possible to the size ordered by you. All lobsters are packed whole and live to order for by 12 noon next day delivery by couriers to our clients' addresses in mainland UK. However, we cannot promise that lobsters will arrive live and/or delivery will be made by 12 noon next day, as this is outside of our control. When you place an order for live lobster you agree that you do so entirely at your own risk.

Available: Seasonal - 1 May to 30 September each year.

In Stock: Yes. At times lobsters may not be available due to adverse tides and/or weather.

Lobster Sizes: Small (500-600g approx), Medium (600-800g approx), Large (800g-1.0kg approx), Extra Large (1.0kg-1.2kg+ approx).

Freshest lobsters possible
Cornish Native Lobsters remain in waters around Cornwall, until pot-caught for market.

Once landed, these live lobsters are taken from the lobster fishermens' boats and placed in lobster tanks that contain natural seawater for up to 1-2 days. Lobsters are packed whole and live to order (Monday to Thursday), for by 12 noon next day courier delivery to our clients' addresses in mainland UK (Tuesday to Friday).

Store and consume
Upon receipt of delivery, store live lobsters in the fridge. For the freshest and best flavour cook and consume live lobsters on the same day of delivery. Lobsters can be boiled, poached, grilled, or barbecued. For further information, click on the 'How to Store & Cook Live Lobsters' tab above.

Ingredients: Common or European Lobsters (crustaceans).

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Live lobsters need to be kept alive and fresh until ready to be cooked. If possible, cook upon receipt of delivery.


How to Handle & Store Live Lobsters
Leave the bands on the claws of the lobsters (otherwise the lobsters can pinch you and/or other lobsters). To handle live lobsters, pick them up by their large shell, behind their claws.


Upon receipt of delivery, take the lobsters out of the box and place them in an open container or flat tray, cover the lobsters with a damp (not wet) tea towel or cloth and store in the fridge - preferably at the back of the bottom shelf (nearest the freezer). With this method, lobsters will be cool and moist, and can be stored for 12-18 hours. Note: Live lobsters usually move about very slowly and curl their tails. If the lobster appears tired, cook it straight away.


Do not store lobsters in sealed contianers, or on ice, or in fresh tap water.


How to Dispatch Live Lobsters
With live lobsters, you can always be sure of freshness and quality. However, once delivered, the live lobster needs to be killed - and this is not for the timid - so if you have any doubts about this task, please do not buy live lobsters.


This is the same method used by most professional chefs to dispatch live lobsters: Place the lobster in the freezer for 30-60 minutes (you can choose to wrap the crab in a damp tea towel or cloth first), which causes the lobster to become unconscious. After that, take the lobster out of the freezer and place it on a kitchen board. Next take a sturdy and sharp kitchen knife and push the sharp pointed tip of the knife quickly and forcefully through the centre of the cross of it's head. Death is instantantous - the lobster does not suffer - and the lobster meat remains tender.


How to Cook Lobsters
Be prepared in advance, so that immeditely after the lobster has been dispatched, you can cook it straight away.


Grilled Lobster: Immeditaley after dispatch, use the kitchen knife and split the lobster in half lengthwise through the entire body. Remove the stomach (immeditely to the rear of the eyes) and the green tomalley (liver). Grill lobster in the oven or BBQ for 8-10 minutes. Optional: brush herb butter or similar on the lobster meat. Once cooked the shell of the lobster will turn red. Serve and consume.


Boiled Lobster: Immeditely after dispatch, boil a whole lobster (500g) for four minutes. Once cooked, the shell of the lobster will turn vivid red. Leave to cool, then pull off the claws and crack them, and remove the delicious white meat. Pull off the tail and peel the same way as you would peel shell off a prawn. Serve and consume.


Allow a whole lobster (minimum medium size, 600-800g) per portion.


Serve fresh cooked lobster with hot melted butter, salad, boiled baby potatoes and fresh crusty rolls.


You can store cooked lobster in the fridge and consume within two days.


Disclaimer: The information and views expressed above are our own opinions, so use at your own risk. Please carry out your own research and rely on such information as to how to store, dispatch and cook live lobsters.

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