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Maldon Kumamoto Oysters (XS)

Avail April Maldon Kumamoto Oysters (XS)

Maldon Kumamoto Oysters are cultivated and sustainably harvested by hand in inter-tidal waters at the Blackwater River Estuary, Maldon, Colchester, Essex, England.

Affectionately known as 'Kumos' or 'Kumies', Maldon Kumamoto Oysters are very small in size, and BIG in fruity flavour notes.

Oysters have been fished from the River Blackwater Estuary, Maldon, Colchester since Roman times.

Available: All year.

In Stock: Yes.

Size: Extra Small (50-80g approx).

Freshest oysters possible
Maldon Kumamoto Oysters remain in the River Blackwater Estuary from seed until market size (takes 2 to 3 years).

Once harvested, these oysters are cleaned, purified in natural seawater from the River Blackwater, and packed live to order in boxes at the oyster farm (Monday to Thursday) for next day courier delivery to our clients' addresses in mainland UK (Tuesday to Friday).

Store and consume
For the freshest and best flavour, store Kumamoto Oysters in the fridge and consume within 4-5 days from delivery. Oysters can be consumed raw or cooked.

How to Store Oysters & Best Before Guide 

Ingredients: Oysters (molluscs).

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Maldon Kumamoto Oyster


Brininess: 4/10.

Meat to shell ratio: 9/10.

Meat: Plump, soft.


Succession of flavour notes:

1. Briny, cucumber.

2. Buttery and creamy.

3. Sweet watermelon.


Disclaimer. This taste review is our own opinion. Each oyster is unique with flavour influences by its waters, climates and seasons.


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Established in 1960, and family owned and operated; Maldon oyster farm covers about 1,416 hectares of inter-tidal waters at the River Blackwater Estuary, near the seaside town of Maldon and nearby Osea Island, Essex, England.


Oysters have been fished from the Blackwater Estuary at Maldon, near the town of Colchester since Roman times. It is well documented that Romans consumed vast quantities of oysters, and tonnes of oyster shells have been excavated from ancient sites in and around Colchester. The town of Colchester was the capital of Roman Britain, and remains the oldest recorded town in Britain.


The River Blackwater Estuary is the estuary between Maldon and West Mersea in Essex (an area of 13,700 acres); and is a Site of Special Scientific Interest, and a Designated Special Area of Conservation. An area of 10,860 acres is a Ramsar Wetland of International Importance and a Special Protection Area. An area of 2,715 acres is a National Nature Reserve.


Maldon oyster farm is one of the largest oyster farms and largest producers of Pacific Oysters in the UK.


Maldon oyster farm works with the authorities to ensure that oysters are cultivated and harvested without adverse impact on the River Blackwater Estuary and its delicate eco-systems and important salt marshes.


For many years, Maldon oyster farm has invested in the successful repopultaion of Native Oyster beds in the River Blackwater Estuary for the future.


Maldon Pacific Oysters are featured on menus at top oyster bars, restaurants, and hotels in the UK and overseas.


Oysters have been fished from the River Blackwater Estuary since Roman times...


Maldon oyster farm surrounds Osea Island (about 380 square acres in size). Osea Island has a rich and diverse history; and has been occupied for over 5,000 years with remains that date back to Neolithic villages. The Romans lived on Osea Island, and they: built the causeway (from the isalnd to the mainland), the salt works, the pottery, farmed arable crops, and fished for oysters and other seafood from the River Blackwater Estuary. After the Norman Conquest, William the Conquerer passed Osea Island to his nephew as a present. Over the centuries, this tradition has continued, and the island has been passed on to crusaders and noblemen who have pleased the royal family. Today, Osea Island is owned by music producer Nigel Frieda; and is fitted out for luxury holidays and fact, the entire island is available for private hire!


Osea Island and the River Blackwater Estuary that surrounds the island is famous for its unique ecology, rare plants, bird and marine life.


About a mile west of Osea Island is Northey Island. Owned by the National Trust; Northey Island is part of an ancient landscape, and is popular with bird watchers.


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Maldon Oysters from River Blackwater Estuary, Essex, England.


Maps by Simply Oysters. Circles indicate approximate locations; not to scale.


Google Map of 51.863195, -1.489692

Google Map of 51.723546, 0.746424


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