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Maldon Oysters Selection Box

Maldon Oysters Selection Box

Choose from a selection of oysters cultivated and harvested from different areas of one of the UK's largest oyster farms - over 3,500 acres - on the River Blackwater, Maldon, Colchester, Essex, England:

Maldon Kumamoto Oysters. Small in size. BIG fruity flavour notes.

Maldon Pacific Oysters. Medium in size. Succession of flavour: Taste of the fresh clean sea, sweet, with a cucumber finish.

Maldon Wild Pacific Oysters. Medium in size. Grown naturally on the seabed and hand-picked at low tide. Complex flavour include: Mixed lettuce and cucumber, with a buttery finish.

Maldon Native Oysters. Medium in size. Grown naturally on the seabed and fished further out to sea. Native Oysters have been fished from the River Blackwater since Roman times. Clear flavour notes include earthy, then nutty and woody with a sweet and salty finish.

Minimum order applies
Total of 12 oysters.

Freshest oysters possible
Maldon Kumamoto, Pacific and Wild Pacific Oysters remain in their own local waters from seed until market size.

Once harvested, these oysters are cleaned, purified in natural seawater from the River Blackwater, and packed live to order in boxes at the oyster farm (Monday to Thursday) for next day courier delivery to our client's addresses in mainland UK (Tuesday to Friday).

Store and consume
For the freshest and best flavour, store oysters in the fridge. For more information and best before guide, please click on the link below:

How to Store Oysters & Best Before Guide 

Ingredients: Oysters (molluscs).

Minimum order applies: 12 Oysters.

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