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Oyster Knife & Glove Set

Oyster Knife & Glove Set

Oyster Knife & Glove Set
Wusthof Oyster Knives and Honeywell Chainmail Gloves are trusted and used by professional oyster shuckers, chefs, and home cooks in the UK and worldwide.

Wusthof Oyster Knife
We recommend the Wusthof Oyster Knife 4284. All Wusthof Oyster Knives shuck oysters precisely and effortlessly, and are built to last. Made by Wusthof in Germany.

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Wusthof Oyster Knife 4284

Honeywell Chainmail Oyster Glove
We recommend the Honeywell Chainex 2000 Chainmail Glove. All Honeywell Chainmail Gloves provide superior protection from oyster shells, as well as stabs and cuts from the oyster knife. Can also be used for other kitchen food preparation tasks too. Made by Honeywell in France.

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Honeywell Chainex 2000 Chainmail Glove

Glove size chart
IMPORTANT: To select correct size, please click on our 'Glove Size Chart' (Tab above). Gloves sold individually not as a pair.

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Glove Size Chart (XXS to XL)
Glove sizes apply to Honeywell Chainex 2000 Chainmail Gloves and Honeywell Chainexpert Chainmail Gloves.


H = Hand; P = Palm; F = Finger.

H 190mm; P 90mm; F 80mm.

H 200mm; P 100mm; F 80mm.

H 210mm; P 110mm; F 80mm.

H 210mm; P 110mm; F 85mm.

H 230mm; P 110mm; F 95mm.

H 255mm; P 125mm; F 95mm.

Note: If between two sizes, please choose the larger size for freedom of movement. Sizes 'S' and 'M' differ in the fingers ('S' for slender and 'M' for wider fingers). All measurements are as accurate as possible (+/- 8mm).

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This Wusthof Oyster Knife is not for sale to anyone under 18 years of age. This knife must be used appropriately and responsibly.

Glove Sizes XXS to XL. Please click Glove Size Chart Tab shown below for all measurements.

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