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Oyster Shells

Oyster Shells

Oyster Shells
Our daughter Piper has come up with a creative idea on how to reuse empty oyster shells...

Piper has carefully sorted, cleaned and dried a selection of empty oyster shells from UK waters. Oyster shells can be used as decorative pieces for home, work or special occasions. For example, paint or decorate cupped oyster shells to hold small items such as jewelry, pins, paper clips, even salt and pepper! Cupped oyster shells can also be made into unique oyster candles. It is an idea to order both cupped and flat shells, as the flat shells can be used as a base to hold the cupped shells steady.

Oyster shells come in two halves: a cupped/bottom shell and a flat/top shell. Both cupped and flat shells are available. Cupped and top shells are sold separately so will not match to make a perfect whole oyster shell.

All measurements are approx.

All oyster shells are natural and unique in appearance and colour and can include barnacles. Each oyster shell is empty, clean and dry. These shells have been carefully sorted and cleaned by hand in water (no harmful chemicals are used) and dried by hand, so retain their natural beauty and colours. Once clean and dry, these shells are carefully packed to order in bubble wrap. Piper receives all sale proceeds for her work.

Natural Oyster Shells - add a relaxed coastal feel to home, work or outside.

Note: These shells have not been bleached or boiled in water, so are not suitable for food applications.

Order up to 30 oyster shells for £3.95 postage; or 31 or more for £6.95 postage (higher postage as over 2kg in weight). You can combine oyster shells with scallop shells under the same postage.

Mix and match
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