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Oyster Utensils for Business & Trade

Oyster Utensils for Business & Trade

Simply Oysters' Utensils for Business & Trade
We offer a variety of oyster knives, gloves and trays for business and trade. For example, oyster bars, restaurants, hotels and caterers.

Our specialist oyster utensils are trusted and used by professional oyster shuckers and chefs in the UK and worldwide.

Oyster trays can be co-branded with your business name/logo.

Minimum order applies.

Oyster Knives
Wusthof Oyster Knives (three models available)  to shuck fresh oysters. These specialist oyster knives are simply the best in the market for performance, quality and durability. Made by Wusthof in Germany.

Chainmail Gloves
Honeywell Chainmail Gloves (two models available) are used to shuck oysters; de-bone meat; and cut or fillet meat, poultry and fish. Available in seven sizes (XXS to XXL). These quality chainmail gloves are made of lightweight AISI 316L Stainless Steel, and are comfortable to wear. Made by Honeywell in France.

Oyster Trays
Simply Oysters' Oyster Trays are specially designed to incorporate unique holes to hold oysters' cupped shells level, stable, and wobble-free. Use these trays to serve raw oysters; or to prepare, cook and serve oysters. Available in three sizes: Oyster Tray 3 for appetisers; Oyster Tray 6 for entrees; and Oyster Tray 12 for mains and parties. Designed and Made by Simply Oysters in England. Oyster trays can be co-branded with your business name/logo.

* Dimensions:

 Oyster Tray 3: 23.5 cm (L), 11.0 cm (W), 3.5 cm (H).

 Oyster Tray 6: 30.0 cm (L), 17.0 cm (W), 3.5 cm (H).

 Oyster Tray 12: 38.0 cm (L), 22.0 cm (W), 3.5 cm (H).

Oyster Condiments
Oyster condiments are available.

Business, Trade, & Special Events
For all enquiries, please email your requirements to jeremy@simplyoysters.com

For enquiries for oyster utensils for business and trade, please email: jeremy@simplyoysters.com

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