Porthilly Mussels

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Porthilly Mussels are cultivated and sustainably harvested by hand in inter-tidal waters at the River Camel Estuary, near the coastal settlement of Porthilly, Rock, Cornwall, England.

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Freshest mussels possible
Porthilly Mussels remain in the River Camel Estuary from seed until market size.

Once harvested, these mussels are cleaned and purified in filtered natural seawater, packed live to order in boxes, and dispatched by the mussel farm's depuration and dispatch centre (Monday to Thursday), for next day courier delivery to our clients' addresses in mainland UK (Tuesday to Friday).

Store and consume
Store mussels in the fridge and consume within two days from delivery. Mussels must be cooked prior to consumption. How to Store Mussels 

Ingredients: Mussels (molluscs).

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Porthilly Mussels from Camel River Estuary, Cornwall, England.


Maps by Simply Oysters. Circles indicate approximate locations; not to scale.


Google Map of 50.513824,+-3.279636

Google Map of 50.547415,+-4.927720


Mix & Match
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