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Hot Smoked Prawns: Whole (500g-1kg)

SOLD OUT Hot Smoked Prawns: Whole (500g-1kg)

Hot Smoked Prawns Whole (500g-1kg)
Hot Smoked Prawns are fresh whole prawns that have been smoked, over oak and beech wood in a special smoker oven, by master smokers.

Prawns are wild-caught in waters in the South West of England, under responsible and sustainable techniques to ensure constant supply each year.

Pale red in colour, Hot Smoked Prawns are succulent, sweet and delicately smokey in flavour.

Available: All year.

In Stock: Yes. If possible, please order 2-3 days prior to delivery date, as prawns are prepared and smoked to order.

Pack size: 500g, 1kg approx (whole, shells on).

Smokehouse process
Fresh prawns are prepared, salted and seasoned with secret ingredients. Next, the prawns are placed in the cold smoke-box (further from the fire), and gently and slowly smoked for about 24 hours. Then, the prawns are moved to the hot smoke-box (nearer and above the fire), and smoked and cooked for up to two hours. After that, Hot Smoked Prawns are removed from the oven to cool.

Packed fresh
Hot Smoked Prawns are packed fresh to order in vacuum-sealed packs by the smokery in Maldon, Essex (Monday to Thursday), for next day courier delivery to our clients' addresses in mainland UK (Tuesday to Friday).

Store and consume
Store Hot Smoked Prawns packs in the fridge and consume within 4-5 days. Refer to storage instructions and use by date on pack. Hot Smoked Prawns can be consumed straight from the pack.

How to Store Hot Smoked Prawns & Best Before Guide
Ingredients: Hot Smoked Prawns (crustaceans). Whole; shells on.

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